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SERVICES+971 585 547761


All bookings are made subject to terms below and the specific booking conditions of your relevant Travel Supplier. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have read, understood and agree both prior to booking.

Payment Terms:

Option 1: Deposit via card at the time of booking + outstanding balance cash to the driver (We can from time to time request the full payment before transfer which is left at our discretion)
Option 2: Deposit via card at the time of booking + outstanding balance via card prior to travel. A second card transaction is subject to an admin fee of 100 AED or 5% whichever is greater
Option 3: Full payment via card (max card limit is 20,000 AED)
Option 4: Full payment via BACS / CHAPS / Bank Transfer

We cannot make any booking until we have received the minimum deposit.


We will try to do our best to make any amendments that you request but we cannot guarantee all amendments will be achievable. Amendments must NEVER be made direct with a driver as drivers do not have access to make changes on the system, so if we have to change your driver for any reason then your new driver will only be aware of the details on the system. All amendments need to be emailed to us and allowed 24 hours to process your request. We cannot make amendments less than 24 hours prior to travel as the driver schedule will have already been done. The cost of amendments vary for each booking, for a simple amendment that doesn’t affect anything with drivers or other bookings we are more than happy to do this free of charge. Some amendments such as time changes may affect drivers legal hours so should your amendment require a driver change then a charge will be added which will be confirmed to you before making the change.

Additional pickups / drops offs & waiting time: Each booking includes one pick up and one drop off only (unless quoted otherwise). Any additional pickups or drop offs start from 100 AED each based on being local / on route. For a more specific quote of the additional amount please provide all postcodes so we can accurately inform you of the cost. If additional drops are decided on the day whilst travelling, the driver has the right to refuse and only to complete the booked itinerary. Non booked waiting time is charged at 250 AED per hour.

Vandalism is charged at the cost of repair. Alcohol is only permitted within moderation, if at any point the driver is distracted or feeling uncomfortable / threatened then he has the right to terminate the transport. Think ahead and bring a bin liner for your waste, your driver will be more than happy to dispose of the bin liner for you at no charge at all but should there be litter all around the bus this will result in a 50 AED cleaning fee.

Delays to Service:

No responsibility or liability whatsoever can be accepted by Dubai Coach Hire for traffic congestion, road accidents, adverse weather conditions or other matters outside its reasonable control which may cause delay. Both parties expressly recognize in transport such as coach hire that buses can be late as a normal cause of business without negligence on behalf of the coach hire company (typically due to previous customer delays, traffic, accidents and mechanical problems). If any driver is delayed by more than 60 minutes and we are unable to replace a delayed coach within 1 hour and 30 minutes from the pickup time and the client chooses to make their own alternative travel arrangements they may be entitled to a refund of the deposit paid to Dubai Coach Hire only. If for any reason the driver has to re-route the journey due to traffic, adverse weather conditions or any unforeseen reasons and cannot get the passengers to the destination on time, neither the driver or Dubai Coach Hire will be held liable for any loss incurred for eg missed flights, paying extra for alternative transport, missed events or lateness to meetings etc. Also if the vehicle allocated to the journey has a mechanical issue prior to the journey or on the journey and we cannot find an alternative vehicle, Dubai Coach Hire will not be held liable for any loss incurred and will not pay out any compensation under any circumstance; at managements discretion they may allow the deposit to be refunded.

Cancellation Policy & Refund Policy:

All cancellations need to be emailed in writing. All deposits are non-refundable for cancellations made by the customer. If you have paid the full balance we will refund the amount minus the minimum deposit of 50%. Cancellations made less than 21 days prior to travel are liable to pay the full balance. We understand plans change due to weather, cancelled events and unfortunately ill health so we are always happy to transfer your deposit amount onto another a booking in the future. If we have to cancel due to fault of Dubai Coach Hire a full refund will be given.

Damages / Spillage:

Any damage/spillage caused by the passengers will be charged accordingly by the driver at a minimum rate of 500 AED this also includes soft drinks water wine spirits or any form of liquid.

Any fines for misuse, damage or spillages have to be paid in cash to the driver. Drinking is not permitted unless it has been agreed prior to booking; also it MAY be allowed at drivers discretion but only if driver has agreed for passengers to do so.


We hope that nobody is having to read this section as we go above and beyond to make sure all our passengers are happy so receiving a complaint is heart-breaking. If you do have a complaint please email your full detailed complaint with your booking reference number and allow 3 working days for your complaint to be dealt with & resolved.


Guide dogs are permitted. Other than guide dogs only 2 dogs are allowed on board with the condition that they are well behaved. Any dog fouling is charged at 150 AED.

Children & Babies:

Everybody regardless of age is classed as a passenger and needs a seat of their own. We can sometimes provide the correct child seat if available for 35 AED each use however most customers tend to use their own and we label it in our storage room ready for your return journey. We will NEVER use your child seats for anyone else’s transfer.

Vehicle breakdown or vehicle unavailability:

If for whatever reason we have a mechanical breakdown of a vehicle or vehicle becoming unavailable, we will be authorized to send a different vehicle as agreed or multiple smaller vehicles to fulfil the journey. This allows us to deliver transportation to our customers through partnerships with external suppliers.