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Group Vehicle Hire Specialists

We specialise in providing vehicle hire services to residents of and visitors to our royal Emirate of Dubai. We realise that different groups have different vehicle hire needs. There are different needs and different preferences depending on the size and circumstances of the group. No two groups are exactly the same and the needs may vary depending on the circumstances.

Airport Taxi Hire - On Arrival in Dubai

The first and most immediate need of any group or party on arrival at the airport is the need for a suitable vehicle to convey the group members to their accommodation in as comfortable a manner as possible. Moreover, if the group is from a cooler climate, it may find the warm climate of the Emirates a little strange at first and they will need some time so they can adjust to it. Air-conditioned vehicles are AN absolute necessity at this time. Whether the group members wish to opt for airport coach hire, minibus hire or coach taxi, we are ready to provide every possible choice to our valued clients. Should you contact us on arrival at the airport, we will do our best to meet your needs. But naturally, we would really be happy if you contact us in advance so that we may have your perfect vehicle (or vehicles) of choice waiting for you.

Coach Hire & Bus Rental - When Moving Around In The Emirate

Once the visitors have settled in and become comfortable, it is time to go out and explore the Emirate of Dubai. The vehicles in this case require special consideration. Is the group large? Is it small? Is it medium sized? Is the group from a much cooler climate? Or is it from a warmer climate:These factors are taken into consideration when allotting the perfect vehicle. Which type of coach hire is suitable? Will bus rental be preferable? The group may be very small and perhaps 16 seater minibus is the preferred option. Each group is very different and Dubai Coach Hire will endeavour to ensure that exactly the right type of vehicle will be allotted to the group for the comfort and satisfaction of every member.

Yacht and Boat Hire

As Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf, water sports and activities play a major role here, as we are sure you must imagine. Should any yacht or boat be required, you can depend on us to help you hire them and get a good rate also. As a leading member of the Dubai Coach Hire community, you may be sure that we have wide contacts in all the vehicle hiring companies. As you can imagine, we deal only with companies which have excellent, modern vessels which are in a top state of maintenance and are equipped with the most modern features and amenities. We are also extremely particular about safety features. So you can be certain that you are getting the best possible services.

Car Rentals

Should the group, or an of its members, require a car hire service, we can help with this service. We have wide contacts in the car hire business here in the Emirate of Dubai and you can be assured of our sourcing the best possible company at the best possible rate. Should your party member require a luxury car or a standard car, we will give you our best possible advice and guidance.

Our Modern Fleet Of Vehicles

As we have stated, our modern fleet of group transport vehicles has the perfect vehicle for every eventuality in this scenario. Our fleet of group transport vehicles features the latest models. Each and every one of our vehicles is maintained in pristine condition. Each vehicle is equipped with every amenity which may be required by the group or any of its members. Our vehicles are equipped with all possible features and amenities for both comfort and safety. Our vehicles are maintained and serviced regularly as a matter of priority.

Tours Of The Emirate

Our company specialises in tours of the Emirate of Dubai and should tours be required of the other Emirates, we can organise these also. We can proudly show you our beautiful city and the surrounding environs. We are proud of our ancient culture and heritage and are always ready to proudly show it to our honoured guests. No one knows Dubai better than this native company does. Our tourism experts can give the best advice on all that there is to see and do in the Emirate. So you can consider yourself to be in good hands here.

Clients As Guests

Our company is driven by the ethos of customer service, as already mentioned. We are not satisfied until our valued clients are satisfied. For us, our valued clients are not so much clients as they are guests. Therefore, we do our utmost to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our performance.